Who We Are

We are a legally enacted entity under the Namibian Companies Act of 1973 with the Government of the Republic of Namibia as our sole shareholder. Under the Petroleum (Exploration and Production) Act of 1991 we have the mandate to carry out reconnaissance, exploration and production operations either on its own or in partnership with other organisations in the industry.


Our Vision

To be a world-class petroleum organisation providing sustainable benefits to all stakeholders.

Our Mission

  • ensuring security of supply, through upstream and downstream operations;
  • harnessing innovative industry best practices;
  • proactively embracing international safety, health and environmental protocols;
  • recruiting and retaining high performing, passionate and competent people.

    What We Do

    Our upstream activities include exploration and production, promotion and maintaining an advisory and regulatory role.




    Exploration and Production

    To date, 48 exploration, one production, and two Coal Bed Methane licenses have been issued to Namibian and international oil and gas companies. Overall, a total of 15 exploratory wells, 7 appraisal wells drilled in the KUDU gas field/license area have been drilled offshore Namibia. Subsequently, 10 ODP/DSPD wells have been drilled for research studies by various universities offshore. In addition, 10 exploratory wells have been drilled onshore.


    Commercial and Marketing

    We have a variety of petroleum products from our depot network. We also offer different customer value propositions to the various market sectors such as the mining, construction, commercial road transport, manufacturing, fishing resellers and farming sectors.





    We play a major role in the active marketing or promotion of the hydrocarbon potential of the Namibian acreage to local and international oil exploration and production companies. Having identified prospects and leads with potential for accumulating hydrocarbons and carried out all necessary petroleum geological and geophysical work required, such acreage is offered to local and international oil companies.