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NAMCOR through its corporate social responsibility donated N$50 000 to the Etunda School & Farm Project.

NAMCOR Managing Director Immanuel Mulunga who handed over the donation expressed appreciation at the project, saying “it will go a long way in alleviating the plight of the poor and destitute”.

He also highlighted that the project was not only in line with Government’s fight against poverty, but also also NAMCOR's corporate values.

Founding President Sam Nujoma who received the donation on behalf of the school and farm project, said the plight of the poor remained very close to his heart. He added that he was at pains to see children of many farm workers not going to school. He expressed optimism that the same project will be replicated to all parts of the country. The project consists of a primary school, dormitories, teacher’s accommodation and a clinic.

NAMCOR through its Corporate Social Responsibility Fund donated N$30,000 to the NBC Sunshine Club Programme in an effort to raise awareness about NAMCOR and the oil and gas industry amongst children.

During the handover ceremony NAMCOR Communications Specialist Utaara Hoveka explained that the gesture forms part of NAMCOR’s commitment to education and the wellbeing of children.

He also pointed out that remains dedicated and optimistic that many more Namibians would gain knowledge on the specialized sector of commerce. “Not many people know much about the oil and gas industry, it is most of the time only the elite” he said.

Head of NBC Content Hub Maria Nepaya received the donation on behalf of the children’s programme said “it will go a long way in assisting the broadcaster in producing local educational programs.”

Echoing her remarks Sunshine Club Executive Producer Glynis Beukes-Kapa, said, “the donation will enable young Namibian children to feature educational programs using young people from all corners of the country”.

The programme was established in the 1990s to educate Namibian children, particularly those with a lack of access to information and who have little exposure to other cultures. It was discontinued along with other programmes in the late 1990s.

The NBC revived the programme in 2012 as part of its multi-media programme initiative. It also aims to strengthen the general knowledge of all Namibian children. “We want to talk to kids and answer their questions in a respectful way and address all children in Namibia regardless of their cultural and social background”, added Beukes-Kapa.

The programme has further been said to be playing a role in enhancing listener’s English skills and an opportunity to have their voices heard. Primary school learners and teachers regularly make contributions through questions and comments on a wide range of subjects. “We need to ensure that we reach children across Namibia that are in primary school through Radio and TV as well as the school and children who have access to the internet to enable them to learn more and talk to each other via our created chat room for primary school children”, added Beukes-Kapa.